Twilight Collection at Customized Girl

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I don’t know about you, but I am getting a little tired of seeing the same Twilight shirts everywhere. So I have been looking for some different designs–particularly ones that none of my friends have. I came across both Team Edward and Team Jacob designs at Customized Girl. Those of you who have read New Moon know that as we start to hear more about the New Moon movie, the Team Edward versus Team Jacob battles are really going to heat up.

So get aheard of the curve and check out Customized Girl. You can choose Team Edward, Team Jacob, or even “Switzerland.” I even got you a coupon that will save you 15% off on their whole site (use the code MOMS15 when you check out). Visit the site and come back and tell me which shirts you like the best.


  1. says

    I wanna get a shirt that says “It will be as if I never existed” (or something like that) or customize my own that says “Love, life, meaning…over.” That’d be so cool.

    And their hoodies are really good price…

  2. Kitten says

    I would love to own my own twilight tee but i live in the Uk so where could i buy a good quality unique tee ?