Twilight Music Jewelry Box from Amazon

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If you have a Twilight fan in your life, this is the ultimate gift! It’s beautiful, it is affordable, and it is actually useful.

The Twilight Music Jewelry Box measures approximately 7 by 8 inches and features many different aspects of the book and movie. Here is the description from Amazon:

The jewelry box has a glossy black finish with dark blue velvet like lining. The Cullen crest spins in front of the mirror while the box plays the classical song “Claire de Lune”. This song is heard throughout the movie and when Bella and Edward started to dance. The top of the box has a picture of Edward and Bella with the Twilight logo. One side has Edward’s picture and the other side has a picture of Bella. The front of the box has the quote, “And so the Lion fell in love with the Lamb”. The box has ring holders and storage compartment for your Twilight jewelry. There is one drawer that slides out from the front.

I should also note that the Cullen Crest locket is removable. What a deal!! The bad news is that the music box is only available for pre-order right now and will not be sent until March 26. Given the way that everything else has been selling out, if you are interested in this, you should order it ASAP.


  1. Michaela says

    This looks AWESOME!!!!!! i want it soooo badly too bad that i have to save some $$$ to pre order the Twilight movie… but u wait ill get it!!!!!!!

  2. christina says

    i really really really really really really want this but i have to save some $$$$$$$$ before i can i am the biggest fan of twighlight

  3. Kristin says

    The description sounds nice but I don’t see those details on the picture. I am very precise about my twilight items.if I spend 40 bucks I want my moneys worth.

  4. Neen says

    There are two jewelry boxes on amazon – the description on here matches the official twilight jewelry box, but that is NOT the one pictured. The one pictured is cheaper than the other on amazon but I couldn’t find a description of it – you have to go purely on the picture for that one. The cheaper one looks like it has the removable crest locket (or maybe it doesn’t actually come with it and that’s why it’s removable). The more expensive one just looks like the crest is attached rather than being a removable locket. So, the description on here might be a cross between the two boxes – who knows!

  5. jocelyn says

    im so gettin this!!!! next week for sure!!!! oh and by the way im the biggest fan of the whole twilight saga!!! i have the posters, the 3 disc movie, the boad game, the soundtrack, and soon the jewelry box, the pj’s, and 4 neckleses!!!!!! oh and i said biggest fan but you could say i could be the #1 fan!!!!!!!!!! I <3 the twilight saga!!!!!