Hot Topic Releases New Moon Merchandise

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Hot Topic is now selling official New Moon merchandise! Although there isn’t much yet, it’s a start. The only items they are selling are based on the Twilight Saga New Moon poster that was released last week (Edward, Bella, and Jacob). They have shirts for $22 and posters for $7.99. One of the shirts looks a little more feminine (and is pictured on a woman) while the other one could be for either males or females.

We will continue to update as more official New Moon merchandise becomes available.

125x125 - New Moon Exclusive Poster and Tee - Hott


  1. Anna kimbro says

    OMG! i love love looooove Twilight ~stephanie meyer u are a genius for coming up with the Twilight saga!!! Adore it!!! ~anna~

  2. Janeth says

    I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to buy a shirt. I loooooooovvveee the Twilight Saga. 🙂